Thrifty Thursdays Style on a Dime! Got a Stein Mart near you? Michael Kors bags at GREAT prices!

Are you like me and like the nice quality of the expensive brands, but hate the prices?  I’ll be honest with ya, I’m a HUGE fan of those expensive brands, but only get them if I can find them on discount, clearance, AND with a coupon code, lol.  My husband is actually the one that usually gets them for me, but he knows better than to buy any without at least having a 30% off coupon.  Besides Dooney and Coach, I’ve also liked a few Michael Kors bags in my window shopping, however, I’ve yet to purchase any.  Which is a bit odd, I grant you, especially since they tend to be cheaper than Coach bags.  Well, I live in the St. Louis area, and we have a store, as many of you do, called Stein Mart.  Now, I usually never shop there, since the closest one to me wasn’t all that close.  But a new one opened up across from my chiropractor’s office, so now I have no excuse, lol (except the not having any money thing, but I digress).  So I go in, and the first place I go is the handbag section, of course.  What do I see?  This beauty:

Now, I know that these types of bags, the Signature letters and such, aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re very popular with the designers these days.  I tend to like them, for the most part, some are frankly, hideous.  And I like this one.  This is a tote bag meant to be used as a purse.  It’s actually pretty big.  It’s made of great, quality, sturdy, DURABLE fabric that cleans with a quality fabric cleaner rather than ‘toss it in the wash, it’ll be grand’ (name that movie…lol) with leather handles.  Here’s the kicker that may sway a few of you, but may not either, depends on your outlook on handbags.  See the price tags?

You can see the Michael Kors price tag, and then you can see the Stein Mart price tag.  That’s quite a chunk taken off.  For those of you that want a high end bag, but still want to save money, shopping Stein Mart may be an option for you.  Now, they don’t have Coach, or Dooney and Bourke, or Prada, and such, but they do carry Kors, Betsey Johnson, Jessica Simpson, and many others at a fraction of the cost.

Moving on….to high end, name brand sunglasses.  Can you see the brand stickers in this pic?

Oscar Da’Larenta, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson…all starting at just $16.99!!  and VERY fashionable.  Who says you can’t have a quality pair of sunglasses without spending a buttload of $$?  not me!!

Find a Stein Mart near you…most states have at least one, but unfortunately, there’s a few states that they’re not located…yet.

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